Monday, 22 September 2014


i just watched a sweet, bizarre little (big) film. 7 days 7 nights. it happens in a city i vaguely recognise. people that well could have been me were i staid there. i'll have to watch it again

then i was thinking how odd these days are. new patterns emerging. new people coming into my life. and i'm picking, as i write this note, a brian eno's oblique strategy card. a glitch. i get two: "Listen to the quiet voice" & "Ask your body". so i ask the quiet voice and listen to my body instead

trapped in insomnia i get up and walk to the kitchen. coffee. yet another ciggie. "wish you were here" on spotify. i wish i was here too. and draw a three fate reading. tarot. minchiate. now what? i ask. temperance. the past. reverse. lack of restrain, self-control. energies dispersed through conflict. the now. prudence. dear prudence. won't you come out to play? is the solution worst than the problem? the lovers in reverse, the future. not again, i said. no more avoidance of true intimacy in favour of lust. even when my lust, the asteroid, is at the arrow head of a finger of god with mars & pluto, with merc & nept

iulia and roxana have found a house. i can foresmell the BBQs we'll have. vanessa is leaving for liverpool in a few hours. i haven't heard from mohamed but he might be in morocco already. richard is in new zealand. i click a random song. now is van the man. into the mystic

& i wanna rock your gypsy soul

 welcome to havana upon tyne 3.0, let's fly together 

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