Tuesday, 21 October 2014


back from chef school. earlier. made myself a cuppa. a ciggie. made a little offering in my shrine. to my soulmate. to my soul. and to that woman we were connecting and suddenly closed the door bang! on my face -and her overprotective friends took over. they need her wounds sore, so it seems, and they'll justify being there for her. so sad

and yet i'm about to commit an act of loving kindness. if we only deal from the left hand of justice we will all end up blind and toothless. let's bring some heart out

there's a friend i loved dearly. i still do. having some sort of problems with her partner. though the word partner is actually key. she's having troubles with a boyfriend who is not her partner. he lacks ambition. joie de vivre. mojo

he's a very loving, sweet guy. a contrast to most of her previous boyfriends. but he's distracted by the overwhelming feeling of love he found, gratuitously, with not efforts at all. just being there. and while my friend is full of practical, doable dreams. sweet boy watches the waves. oh so nice. the sunset

i could tell my friend. my opinion? leave him. move on. and i would be right. even just. but i wouldn't be talking from my heart. on top of that, i could be misinterpreted as moved by jealousy. of taking a cold served revenge. i am not. i'm telling her, instead. paraphrasing laurie anderson: pick him up and carry him

things are better said directly, not implied. go and tell him what you want. the kind of man you need. nobody lives up to our dreams and expectations, but if he wants to be by your side he should be your partner. not any odd boyfriend. in fact. call him manfriend. he's bloody 40 FFS! but if you can't call him manfriend. then move on

i'm sorry if i sound so harsh. i said i was going to talk from my heart. i never said my heart was sweet

welcome to havana upon tyne 3.0, let's fly together

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