Wednesday, 22 October 2014


early morning. getting ready for some cheffing practice. still blocked in FB by that woman who was rocking my world and got lost in translation. and i think that while unfriending someone could be the offline equivalent of not talking to you for a while -but leaving the door open, blocking is like death. at least feels like it. and yes, i know what is like to be dead

so i get a tarot card. seven of wands. reversed. and i know it's right she should look for shelter. look after herself. but she sang her fears in the wrong key

coffee with a hint of cinnamon. bread and honey. the best honey i had for a very long time. my friend iulia brought it from spain. and i'm running a bath for a quick jump. it's 6:30 am. i'll shave my goatee and, most likely, will cut my hair this afternoon. my second coffee is a maca moka with cinnamon, ginger and cocoa

read some article in the huff about soul mates and got me thinking... i married one of my soul mates. i believe there are more than one. and though i'm not sure if i've met any other, i know i married one of them.  but i wasn't ready for her. we were together for a couple of years. i'm still processing the lessons i gained in my interaction with her, though

we haven't been in touch for well over 20 years.  in my lowest moments i know she visits me in my dreams with... nope, not words of comforting -that'd be a compensatory illusion- but of wisdom

i'm glad i haven't dreamed of her for quiet a long time

amanda (that's the name i gave her) and i used to listen over and over the handful of tapes we had. some argentinian rock. silvio rodriguez. janis joplin. jerry garcia. dylan. i'm playing this as i think of her -and use it as a timer for my bath: a few drops of neroli. scrubbing with a bunch of basil from my garden

welcome to havana upon tyne 3.0, let's fly together

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