Friday, 24 October 2014


sun and venus in scorpio. i love it! i'll get very interesting aspects these weeks. and the eclipse falls on my 11th house. what was i doing back in october 1995? i was working at the refugees' centre. my girlfriend P was working in paris and used to come and visit me every second weekend. i was living in forest hill, south london. and had almost finished the novel i later destroyed -but that's another story...

i slept through the eclipse, purposely. i prefer those energies to sink in me without any conscious interference. and i had the most amazing dream. i now have to finish some cooking assignment -glitch in my computer. merc rx and all that- and after... a cleansing bath with magick herbs. a little ritual by the river. and list my intentions for the next 4 months. the next 4 years

yesterday i read all the things N and I said in out brief yet really intense interaction. it'd be a shame if she really disclosed that to her "friend". an undeserved betrayal. i'll keep private, however, all the things she said. i'm an ex-spy from the first cold war. i value information and respect secrecy

but now i have a bunch of notes on types of soups. and have to create a recipe. i also need to rewrite the other assignment on gaming. and list my intentions. and write down the dream (after a quick tarot read). this is my 3rd coffee since i woke up at 5. my fourth ciggie... but quitting smoking is certainly on my intentions list

back on N. do i really wish to have a friend like her? why do i miss her, then? -valid questions

welcome to havana upon tyne 3.0, let's fly together


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