Monday, 27 October 2014


one of the reasons i reactivated this blog was my intention of leaving FB. may be for good, may be just temporary. that place is highly addictive. you are bombarded by yet new set of information in topics you might be interested albeit peripheral. and swallow by a topic. another. another

i was also feeling very bad. i met a woman who had a crush on me for many months, and i wasn't aware of. but the interaction developed into warm feelings of mutual attraction, and i changed course to go and meet her. may be more. yet she met a local guy. love of her life etc. as i was trying to be there. just a few weeks before i was going to be there, actually

and as i was determined never to engage in any sort of "romantic" interaction online. another woman. she lives in london though is working somewhere at the moment. and it was good to dream. and meeting her soon wouldn't be that difficult

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