Monday, 27 October 2014


when i left cuba i've already mellowed my natural anarchism. became more concerned on my "spiritual growth". tai chi, kabbalah, tantric sex. politically? a sort of liberal, social democrat. then by the early 2000s i moved to the right. i was really pissed off with a blind/dogmatic left and centre and their approach to the cuban revolution. but those few months, may be a year or so, as a rightwing libertarian only helped me to recover my deep left leaning. you can't trade rosa luxemburg for ayn rand. unless you are stupid. or selfish

returning to the political left kept me in my anti-leninist positioning. and  my anarchism owes more to fluxus and les situationnistes than bakunin

welcome to havana upon tyne 3.0, let's fly together

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