Tuesday, 25 November 2014


celebrating my birthday twice. two different settings. with two of my friends of old i love the most -and their partners, whose friendship i value dearly.  i'm still under the spell of a heavy emotional wave, but some stuff are getting clearer. i have the feeling this was a life changing trip.

as it happens, i tend to lose weight if i'm in a wave of loving feelings. my life, in general, gets better. my flat is less of a mess, my thoughts, clearer. i can manifest my intentions much better. but i'm determined to change all that. i've been gaining weight since august and i'm very pissed off to the pile of clothing two and three sizes smaller i can't wear yet. but with my chef school and cooking job manifesting, and the gym just up the road, just a street before my job, i'll be organising my daily schedule from sunday 30 onward to include alternating cardio (mostly rowing) with swimming. i also have to deal with my addiction to bread... so i might start baking my own bread and thus have control over what's really in it

my main focus will be on chef school, learning cooking techniques etc, but i'm not neglecting my script. just by telling the first scene on my screenplay, Daniel said it was tarantinesque, which is actual (and intentionally) true. and yep, I hated Tarantino till Kill Bill, then I went back to watch him again and now Pulp Fiction is one of my fave films. Most of the characters are now profiled, and a couple of storylines... time to put them on hold for a while. I still thinking on a 3 part film for TV, but some leftover material will be used on a set of (literary) short stories.

welcome to havana upon tyne 3.0, let's fly together

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