Sunday, 4 January 2015


thinking of life, of death. I just read that Deborah Bone, a friend of Jarvis Cocker who inspired Pulp's hit "Disco 2000" (which I highly enjoyed back in the days) died at 51. Last Feb a good friend of mine also died that age (singer songwriter Santiago Feliu) but other than that, life has been sort of kind to me, at least regarding my co-generational friends, all of them still alive -and some of them still kicking. But I hit 48 last November. Even if I live to 90 I'm now past my midlife point

In any case... my midlife sort-of-crisis is being solved in a change of profession. My current co-workers (more or less my age, 5 years more or less) have been cooking for at least 15 years... and though I love cooking, and the idea of becoming a Chef, I know my life never ceases to surprise me with so many turns I wonder if I'll be here in a couple of years, for much that I like my flat, its 10 minutes walk to both my job and chef school, 20 minutes to the city centre, a fab southfacing view to the other side of the Tyne, the Angel of the North in the horizon

welcome to havana upon tyne 3.0, let's fly together

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