Sunday, 4 January 2015


"The trees were dancing, melancholic,
the wind was directing their dances,
while at the shade of a bridge, a poet
was writing his death.

Poets have no time,
they eat the seconds,
they get lost in the eternity of absences,
hide in the crying of all eyes,
and die in every verse."

(Paco Alvarez, the poem - song by Santi Feliu. My poor translation.)

  welcome to havana upon tyne 3.0, let's fly together


thinking of life, of death. I just read that Deborah Bone, a friend of Jarvis Cocker who inspired Pulp's hit "Disco 2000" (which I highly enjoyed back in the days) died at 51. Last Feb a good friend of mine also died that age (singer songwriter Santiago Feliu) but other than that, life has been sort of kind to me, at least regarding my co-generational friends, all of them still alive -and some of them still kicking. But I hit 48 last November. Even if I live to 90 I'm now past my midlife point

In any case... my midlife sort-of-crisis is being solved in a change of profession. My current co-workers (more or less my age, 5 years more or less) have been cooking for at least 15 years... and though I love cooking, and the idea of becoming a Chef, I know my life never ceases to surprise me with so many turns I wonder if I'll be here in a couple of years, for much that I like my flat, its 10 minutes walk to both my job and chef school, 20 minutes to the city centre, a fab southfacing view to the other side of the Tyne, the Angel of the North in the horizon

welcome to havana upon tyne 3.0, let's fly together

Sunday, 16 November 2014


havana celebrates 495 years of its foundation mass, by a ceiba tree, in its current location by the bay. 21 years ago, following the custom, i walked around that tree, three times. a handful of coins. a wish

slightly nostalgic, i played a song by gema & pavelyo te quiero ver al amanecer mi Habana querida, yo te quiero ver mi Habana, intacta toda la vida...

these days have been really busy. but good busy. and a lot of lessons have been internalised. i feel a little bit empty, though, and somehow cynical about love

welcome to havana upon tyne 3.0, let's fly together

Monday, 27 October 2014


interesting chat with a friend about the divine feminine. lilith. shekhinah. and the divine masculine too. the counting of the omer. 49. she got my poem "lilith". it was a kind surprise. she thinks i should be sharing more all i've learned through receiving certain traditions -and my own experience. but i should be less cryptic

and then i thought i'm writing to myself. to that alexei (or whatever name he goes by) trapped in an old mirror. his forgotten face

he might still be living somewhere, somewhen

welcome to havana upon tyne 3.0, let's fly together


blinded in her loneliness
she danced to the rhythm of empty words,
of shells

pretty shells oh so bright.

veil after veil she danced naked
the rotten leafs the worms the beetles
and a beam of moonlight,
of forty nine
into the abyss
from where she comes at night
to kiss us


when i left cuba i've already mellowed my natural anarchism. became more concerned on my "spiritual growth". tai chi, kabbalah, tantric sex. politically? a sort of liberal, social democrat. then by the early 2000s i moved to the right. i was really pissed off with a blind/dogmatic left and centre and their approach to the cuban revolution. but those few months, may be a year or so, as a rightwing libertarian only helped me to recover my deep left leaning. you can't trade rosa luxemburg for ayn rand. unless you are stupid. or selfish

returning to the political left kept me in my anti-leninist positioning. and  my anarchism owes more to fluxus and les situationnistes than bakunin

welcome to havana upon tyne 3.0, let's fly together


one of the reasons i reactivated this blog was my intention of leaving FB. may be for good, may be just temporary. that place is highly addictive. you are bombarded by yet new set of information in topics you might be interested albeit peripheral. and swallow by a topic. another. another

i was also feeling very bad. i met a woman who had a crush on me for many months, and i wasn't aware of. but the interaction developed into warm feelings of mutual attraction, and i changed course to go and meet her. may be more. yet she met a local guy. love of her life etc. as i was trying to be there. just a few weeks before i was going to be there, actually

and as i was determined never to engage in any sort of "romantic" interaction online. another woman. she lives in london though is working somewhere at the moment. and it was good to dream. and meeting her soon wouldn't be that difficult